Wednesday, 16 April 2008

TNA Article

I have been very busy recently with family things but I have managed to get the next article on the TNA claim to World Championship status.
The site is staring to get a few more hits now that google has indexed it and I think it will continue to grow. I am not going in for any deceitful or unscrupulous ways of promoting but instead just letting people know about it and hoping that the quality and usefulness of the site will become apparent to people and they will then frequent it more and more and tell their friends about it. I think this fits well with the ethos of honesty and trustworthyness that I am trying to build into the site from the very beginning.

TNA Lockdown is being shown in UK tonight so I am looking forward to that!

A few people have gone to the trouble of contacting me to comment on how much they like the site. I am very pleased about this and grateful to them for their comments. So far, I have had a 100% positive response but if anyone has any comments or suggestions either positive or negative then don't be afraid to let me know because I will value your comments either way.

Wrestling Booker

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