Saturday, 5 April 2008

Glossary almost ready and status

This is my first ever blog.
I have uploaded the website today and it should be functioning fine albeit with very few cards on it. I'm hoping to add more soon. Over the last couple of days, I have been pretty busy writing the glossary. The hope here is to establish a very comprehensive and trustworthy reference for anyone checking what a certain wrestling term means. I have uploaded it now with all the alphabet gone through but I am still not quite happy about some of the definitions and I'm sure I will think of a few more things to go on it over the next few days.

The intention behind the website is not commercial at all. It is going to be heavily reliant on other people sharing their ideas, wrestling fantasies (ie matches etc) and also contributing their knowledge to the glossary and upcoming encyclopedia.

I am aware that an encyclopedia is a very ambitious undertaking but I'm not regretting it yet! The plan is to make it a trustworthy reference - I plan to achieve this by controlling who can edit it very tightly because, unlike the dream cards which benefit from originality and individuality, it requires objectivity and has no place in it for individual opinion, for this reason, I will only allow only a very few people to alter it (currently only I can edit it which is making it very slow-going!).

There are forums that I set up only yesterday so they are not exactly buzzing yet but I hope they will become reasonably popular. In fact, I already have another administrator/moderator for them by the alias of Peppy Hare. So if you head over there now you will get the chance to register yourself with pretty much whatever name you want on what I will put great effort into it becoming an excellent forum on a very friendly and honest site.

It would be nice if someone reads this post now that I have typed it out! So if you have and you got this far, a message to say you've seen it would be great!

Happy Surfing

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