Saturday, 12 April 2008

A few days rest

The last few days have seen the publication of the 3rd part of the series of articles on world titles. I have also been pleased to see that the site is now indexed by google so hopefully things will start rolling now. There is now a contribution to the wikipedia artcle on wrestling slang that I have added from the glossary of pro wrestling terms on my pro wrestling dream cards website at

I have been working long hours this week though so I haven't had time to put much new up on the site this week but I hope to add some more this weekend if I don't have to work too much so remember to check out the site sometime.

Ps . If any one out there is interested in this sort of site I would be very grateful if you let your friends know about it and joint the new forum. Its free and there's no obligation to post or do anything so why not register now when you can get any name you want on a wrestling forum.

pps. If you run a website or blog yourself, please feel free to let other folks know about my new site by linking to it.

Goodbye for now.

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